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Three Locations to Serve You

  • 401 East Jackson Street, Ste. 2340
    Tampa, FL 33602

    (813) 939-3099

  • 12557 New Brittany Blvd., Ste. 3V-67
    Fort Myers, FL 33907
    (239) 799-2288

  • 1060 Woodcock Road
    Orlando, FL 32803
    (833) 918-1877

Professional and Experienced

You've Come To The Right Place

Our firm is prepared to aggressively pursue justice for you! We pride ourselves on having open communication between you and your attorney. Unlike some firms, you will not have to schedule a call days later to speak to an attorney. An actual human will answer your phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and take a message if your attorney is unavailable. We strive to return calls and emails the same day they are received. It is our mission to make our clients feel heard, understood and represented every step of the way.

  • 11+ Years Of Experience

    Extensive trial experience and a reputation for excellence

  • Defining Success

    Expect superior legal services from a results-driven law firm

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Integrity. Strength. Results.

We look at the law differently

Our Client Reviews

I hired Adam for assistance with a very stressful case. He responded in a timely manner and was personable. He is very professional and a straight shooter no "fluff" here. His prices are very reasonable for the service and attention to details he provides. If you are looking for attorney who has your back, look no further. You won't regret it!!

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    Florida, United States

I had been looking for a Florida child support Attorney to help me enforce the judgment with my ex. I'm glad I decide to go with the lawyers at this law firm. Adam Hill was amazing. I'm very happy with my results. I strongly recommend their services for Family Law.

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    Florida, United States

Adam, Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and advice. I was really impressed by how you handled our problem and how quickly you acted on every question and issue we would inquire about. Take care and thanks again.

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    Florida, United States

I highly recommend Adam Hill. Adam is very responsive, attentive and committed to ensuring action is taken and a resolution reached. In less than a month, he was able to get my divorce finalized and complete. This was a long case of more than two years with my prior attorney and once I engaged Adam, he was able to resolve it in an expedient manner within weeks. Adam will not let you down!

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    Florida, United States

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Innovative Strategies to Fit Your Needs

Why Choose Our Firm

  • Excellent Track Record

    We will inform you of your rights and responsibilities and help you take steps toward your desired outcome.

  • Transparent Fees

    You can count on us to provide honest answers so you know all your rights and legal options. 

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    We take a limited number of cases, in order to give each client the personal attention they deserve.

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

Get Your First Consultation Free!

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our Practice Areas

  • Divorce

    In need of a family law attorney who will fight for you? We’ve been practicing family law for 10+ years, with countless successful cases. You can depend on us to manage your case as affordably and efficiently as possible to achieve a win.

  • Timesharing/Child Custody

    The "best interest of the child" is a court's main consideration in establishing a timesharing plan. In cases involving neglect or placing the child in danger, it may be necessary to argue for limited or supervised time-sharing.

  • Domestic Violence

    We have extensive experience representing victims of domestic violence and individuals wrongfully accused of domestic violence. Evidence of domestic violence may affect the parenting plan in a family case and may grant one party sole parental responsibility and even 100% timesharing.

  • Paternity

    In order to obtain parental rights to a child born outside of marriage, a man men must file a paternity lawsuit asserting they are the father of the child. A paternity case will establish parental responsibility, timesharing and child support.

  • Builder/Contractor Disputes

    An unscrupulous contractor may walk off the job or fail to perform the work according to industry standards. This can result in out-of-pocket losses and additional damages to repair their shoddy work. We have extensive experience in holding dishonest contractors accountable.

  • Real Estate

    Florida real estate law can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Whether you need legal advice on a sales contract, lease or need a real estate attorney to go to court and fight for your property rights, we can protect your interests. We can help you with commercial or residential real estate matters.

  • Consumer Protection

    If you have been taken advantage of or defrauded by a business, you may need assistance in getting a refund or holding them accountable. We have a proven track record of holding unscrupulous businesses accountable for their fraudulent and deceptive business practices.